Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fiber Distribution

Paper is made up of plant fiber, stopping, sizing and pigment. Plant fiber is divided into four kinds:
a)      Stem fiber – straw, wheat straw, reed, bamboo and so on.
b)      Wood fiber – pine, spruce, birch and so on.
c)       Bast fiber – flax, hemp, cotton bast, mulberry bast and so on.
d)      Seed fiber – cotton, rag and so on.

Paper fiber parameters consist of length, roughness, categories, and proportion and so on. If these indexes are used as quality parameters, it is of lesser importance. However, it is of impact if the length of fiber is associated with thickness of cell wall and thread diameter. Fiber magnitudes such as length, width, cell wall thickness and roughness are all interconnected, so its amalgamation properties have an immense variation on papermaking.

Goodrich Agrochem’s Paper strength additives range helps to improve the fiber distribution of paper.

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